Usual Questions




Where can I find the School?

Our main office is in Plaza de Pradollano, just at the lobby to the  MELIA SOL Y NIEVE Hotel,  and opposite to MELIA SIERRA NEVADA Hotel

Our second office is located at the ski piste level, in the ski area called “Borreguiles”, at height of 2700m.

Can I rent my equipment with you ?

Yes, you can hire your equipment in our office school at Plaza Pradollano. Besides, you can get discounts on hiring the equipment if you take lessons with us.

Can we go on the same group together, children and adults?

It is not very reccomendable since they learn in different ways and with different techniques.

Is there a midday pass?

Yes, it exists a midday pass that starts at 13.00 and finishes at 17.00 with a reduced price.

At what age a child can start to ski?

From 3 years old as long as he/she is accompanied by an private instructor. Children can also ski with six years old in groups.

There is also an fenced area for kids having their fisrt contact with snow called " Dreamland".

Where is the meeting point with the instructors?

We are located at the office of Borreguiles, when you just exit the lift Al-Andalus" to your left, number 3.

What colour are our school outfits?

Blue jacket and pants. The name of the school is printed at the back of jackets.